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Give Your Vehicle the Spring Clean It Deserves With These Tips and a Synthetic Oil Change

Spring is here and with it is the annual 'Spring Clean'! While it can be hard for any engine and vehicle enthusiast to become excited about cleaning their home and their garden, when it comes to giving a vehicle a thorough clean and maintenance session it's a different story.

Including Your Vehicle in the Annual Spring Clean

And that's exactly what this post is going to talk about. Below we have compiled a list of basic tips and maintenance ideas for giving your car a thorough Spring Clean and helping to prepare it for more use as the weather becomes more, shall we say, inviting.


Let's start the bottom with the very items which keep your car firmly connected to the road. The first item to check is going to be the condition of each tire. When we discuss the condition of a tire it relates to any small tears or missing pieces which may have been caused by driving over sharp rocks or pieces of glass left over the road or dirt track. If left to get worse, these can result in a blown tire as you drive which can be very dangerous at high speeds.

While you're down there looking at the tires, it's important to check the tire pressure. Many motorists give little thought to the pressure inside their tires despite it having many significant impacts on a vehicle and how it performs. If your tire pressure has become too low then not only will your car be harder to steer and maneuver, but the increased friction between your tires and the road can lead to an increase in your gas usage.

Check Each of Your Fluid Levels

Apart from your gas tank, there are a number of smaller containers sitting throughout your engine which hold fluids that are crucial to the operation of your vehicle. The most important fluid is going to be your engine oil. Tasked with keeping your engine parts running smoothly, if left to get too low it can result in serious engine damage and under performance. Your brake fluid is also an important one given that its sole job is to ensure that your brakes can be applied when you need them. If you keep looking around you're likely to see your power steering fluid which is the very fluid that makes the difference between turning your vehicle easily, and needing to visit the gym just to turn a corner.

Each of these oils and fluids works together in crucial roles to ensure safe and smooth operation of your vehicle, so don't neglect them. Replacing them or giving them a top-up is a task that every motorist can, you just need the right products. Speak with Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 to get professional, experienced and friendly advice on the right products for your vehicle. With access to the best synthetic oil change deals in New YorkAmsoil4liny can get you the right AMSOIL synthetic oil for your next synthetic oil change in New York.

Now for the Actual Cleaning

We never said there wasn't going to be any actual cleaning on this list, so get out your vacuum cleaner and set aside some time to give your vehicle a thorough clean. Spaces which can accumulate the most dirt and debris are around your foot pedals, including any free spaces above the pedals. Given these are often harder to reach spaces, they are generally neglected with your regular quick cleans. If your vacuum cleaner came with a long thin hose, this is going the be the best way to clean between your seats and cushions. Your glovebox, center console, and any drink or cigarette trays are next and are best wiped down a light sponge and some soapy water.

Now for the Clean That Everybody Sees

Now that your vehicle is well on the way to performing and looking its best on the inside, it's time to tackle the outside. A mixture of sunlight and accumulated debris can lead to serious damage to your vehicles paintwork and can even result in rust. Set aside an afternoon, get yourself some buckets, soap, a hose and some cleaning sponges and give your vehicle a thorough clean and wipe down. Pay attention to the undercarriage and be sure to include spaces such as door creases and hinges. If you're feeling especially proud of your work, a nice coat of purpose designed wax can be the perfect way to finish the job.

Get the Right Products for a Synthetic Oil Change in New York

With these easy to follow steps, you will be well on your way to a clean and well-maintained vehicle to not only get you where you're going but provide an increased level of performance during your drives.

Getting the products we mentioned in this article doesn't require a trip to the mechanic, it just requires a small amount of your time and a call to Amsoil4liny. Speak with a friendly expert at (888) 826-7645 and get the best products which have been designed for your vehicle.

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