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It’s so easy to fool yourself into thinking you don’t have to take your car for maintenance once you’ve reached the oil change interval. What could go wrong? Your car feels fine when your drive, it’s not failing, there aren’t any strange sounds, and none of your fluids are leaking. Your car is just fine. Who cares if you don’t change the oil? You should care, though, your car needs it. In fact, it’s probably trying to tell you it’s time. Changing your oil is not that hard, in fact, you can change your own oil and filter at home without a mechanic. There are some signs that tell you it’s really time for that synthetic oil change, and Amsoil4liny has enlisted them for you in this post.

Signs You Need to Change Your Oil in West Babylon

It Looks Black and Dirty

Oil is meant to get darker as time goes by. It means that it's working properly, cleaning the engine and capturing pollutants. You should check your oil on a monthly basis by removing the dipstick. If you can see the dipstick through the oil than you're good to go, but if the oil comes out thick and gritty or if you can actually see small particles floating in the mix, it’s time to get the oil changed.

Dropping Oil Levels

Yes, engines need oil to function. Obviously the oil levels are going to drop. However, when the oil is not doing a proper lubricating job, the engine starts using more and more of it. Suddenly the oil level has dropped very low. Your first thought is probably to refill it. In this situation you should check the oil's consistency before you add some more oil. Chances are you need to flush everything out and get a completely new oil and filter.

You Forgot When You Changed Your Oil Last

If so much time has passed since you went for an oil change that you can’t even remember when that was, it’s probably time to get that synthetic oil change. It’s really important to follow the established changing schedule. If you need to, get a small notebook and write down the dates of each of oil change and maintenance appointment and keep it in your car at all times.

Loud Knocking Noises Coming from Your Engine

As you know, oil is meant to lubricate and reduce friction between engine parts. As the oil levels drop, those metal engine parts start grinding against each other creating unpleasant sounds. That is your car talking to you, telling you the oil has broken down and it’s time to get a synthetic oil change. Once your car starts complaining loudly or your oil change interval has arrived, you know it’s time for a synthetic oil change. When you are looking for synthetic oil in the market, head straight to the best: AMSOIL synthetic oil. To get the best oil you just have to call Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 and place your order. They have everything you need to complete your oil change in West Babylon. If shopping online is more of your thing, go to their online store.

The Check Engine Light in Your Dashboard is On

Before you start thinking about all the possible scenarios, take a look at the dipstick. Your engine stops functioning properly when it lacks the necessary lubrication. There might be other reasons why the ‘check engine’ light turns on, but it's most probable that it’s running low on oil.

The Cabin Smells Like Oil

Smelling oil inside the cabin is serious. If the smell is really strong, it generally means there’s a leak. There’s also a chance that the oil smell is mixed with the odor of gas or exhaust fumes. This can mean that the oil is burning into the exhaust area and your engine is overheating.

Exhaust Smoke

You can usually see vapor coming out of your tailpipe when the weather is cold and it’s completely normal. If you see smoke, on the other hand, there could be an oil leak in your engine. It could also indicate there’s a problem with some part of your engine. Check your oil, if it’s in a good level, take your car to the mechanic to find what the problem really is.

Get Your Oil Changed in West Babylon Today

There are many benefits to getting a synthetic oil change in West Babylon. If you notice your oil is running low, don’t wait too long to replace it. To get your AMSOIL synthetic oil call Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645. They’ll be ready to help you choose which product is best for your engine.

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