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Buying a used car implies much more care an consideration than buying a new car. After all you are buying a car with a history, that once had a previous owner who might've treated it differently than the way you plan to.  Amsoil4liny, your best choice when it comes to synthetic oil change, invites you to  continue reading this post about the things you should look out for when buying a used vehicle.

Set a Budget and Do Some Studying

The first step in buying a car, used or new, is to set up a budget.  You don’t want to get to the dealership and be distracted and seduced by cars you simply can’t afford.  Consider the total price and not just the monthly payments. If you don’t do the math those cheap monthly payments may add up to a really high total price.  Steer away from long-term contracts. The future is uncertain and chances are you don’t know what your economic situation will be next year. Don’t get yourself into something you won’t be able to get out of. As a rule you should consider this: if you can’t finish paying of the car in three years without straining your daily budget, than it’s too expensive. After you set up your budget, decide on what kind of car and model you would like. Check different brands and make a list of at least three cars that meet your needs. Find out how much those models are going out for in different places, so you can get an idea of how much you should be paying. Do your research before you head to the dealers, that way salesmen won’t be able to distract you with more expensive models.

Other Costs to Consider

After you purchase the car you will need insurance. Insurance costs vary depending on the model, year, make and driver’s experience. Believe it or not, the color of the car also makes a difference. Look for some insurance quotes before buying the vehicle. Don’t forget you have to consider fuel, maintenance, repair and synthetic oil changes, again they will vary depending on the vehicle. Now, that there is a budget and a desired model, it’s time to get into action. Here are a few things you should consider when you’re examining a vehicle.

Test Drive

It’s a good idea to take the car out for a test drive in the city and highways. You can feel how the car performs and responds, the working condition of the breaks and if it runs smoothly or not. While you drive pay close attention to any strange noises that may be coming from the engine.  Play with the buttons and electronics in the vehicle to check if they’re all fully functioning. For smooth driving, fuel economy and better engine performance get a synthetic oil change as soon as you purchase your vehicle. Amsoil4liny is the place you should turn to when you need to buy any AMSOIL product for your synthetic oil change. You can get in touch with them by calling: (888) 826-7645.

Check for Leaks

If it’s water that is leaking it’s probably condensation from the air conditioning after your test drive. Take a moment to park the car and check if there’s any other fluid leaking. There are many colors to the leaking fluid, green if it’s antifreeze, black might be oil and pink fluid is probably a leak in the transmission. Consider that, do you want to invest in a vehicle that’s leaking and needs to get repaired?

Take a Good Look Inside and Out

On the outside you want to check for bumps and dents, if they were fixed, was that done by a professional? If so, the results should only be visible upon close inspection. Check the glass for any cracks or damage. Inside, you want to take a good look at the upholstery, maybe it will need to be cleaned. Take a sniff to check for smoke or mold odors, they’re really tough to remove. Verify that the roof isn’t hanging. Try every seat, change the position to make sure everything is good and working Lastly take a look under the hood and under the car. The battery should be in a good state with no corrosion, and there shouldn’t be any cracked or old hoses or leaks. If you see any rusty parts, know that they mean trouble ahead.

What to Ask  When Buying a Used Car

There are many things you should ask the seller or dealer before buying a car, these are some of them:
  • The car’s history and previous owners
  • Mileage
  • Additional fees
  • Possible warranties
  • Is the price negotiable
  • Major repairs
  • General condition

Getting a Synthetic Oil Change

Buying a vehicle is a big decision. As a car owner you'll want your vehicle to be in top shape at all times , getting an AMSOIL synthetic oil change can be of great help when it comes to that. Call Amsoil4liny at: (888) 826-7645 to know more about protecting your car with a synthetic oil change.  

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