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Spring is quickly approaching although it might still be a bit chilly outside.  It’s time to take your motorcycle out from winter storage, but before it’s ready to hit the road, it needs some spring maintenance.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Spring Riding

If you’re a caring motorcycle owner who stores their motorcycle away for the winter, you probably went through all the steps to store your bike safely. If only it were as easy as uncovering your bike and getting back on the road as soon as spring arrives. Before you’re able to ride it, you need to perform a thorough spring maintenance. Preparing your motorcycle for the spring riding season can save you a lot of trouble in the future.  Amsoil4liny has some tips to help you get you bike out on the road in West Islip again.

Fuel Up

If you’re an expert at winterizing your motorcycle, you probably drained the fuel or added a stabilizer to your fuel tank prior to storing it. If you did drain it, look inside the tank for any rust, condensation, or gunk that can bring trouble later on. Flush out the old fuel and get some new one. Before you start your bike, be sure to have the freshest gas possible. One of the reasons why you should always use fresh gas is because stale gasoline can be very problematic for any stored engine. Gasoline is very refined and tends to deteriorate rather fast, especially when not in use. After only a few months most of the combustible elements in gas have evaporated, which can cause your motorcycle to run rough…or not run at all. Furthermore, fuel that remains unused in the tank can react with oxygen and develop varnish deposits, which can clog filters, lines, and injectors. Condensation can also form due to temperature changes, adding water to your gas, and later creating even more problems. It’s better to prevent future problems by simply refueling your gas tank before you actually start driving your motorcycle in West Islip. Your fuel tank should be the first step to get your motorcycle back on the road.

Take Care of the Battery

Failing batteries are a very common issue with sitting motorcycles. The smart thing you should’ve done when you got your motorcycle ready for winter was to keep your battery on a trickle charger while it was stored away. If you didn’t, there’s still time to get one and charge your battery back before riding. You should get a battery charger that automatically turns itself off so you don’t overcharge it. Don’t forget to check the battery fluid and top it off if it’s low.

Always Check the Tires

You should constantly check your tires, period. A flat tire in a car can be an inconvenience, but you still have the other three to rely on. A flat tire on a motorcycle is unacceptable, you absolutely need both properly healthy and inflated tires to ride. When checking your tires after a period of storage you should look for flat-spotting that might've created from being left in the same position for a long time. The pressure will definitely be lower since the air seeps out after months of remaining unused. It's a good idea to check for wear as well, because it might be time to replace them if they’re not in good shape. Check out this guide on how to choose the right motorcycle tires, if you’re unsure of which to get.

Replace Oil and Filters

You can skip this step if you already did it before storing your bike, but it’s always a good idea to change your oil. Start this new riding season by keeping track and writing down your oil change intervals after you get your fresh oil. Don’t skip changing the filter either or you run the risk of contaminating your new oil. If you are a conventional oil user, why don’t you get a synthetic oil change instead? You will find great benefits in using synthetic oil, and even more if you use AMSOIL synthetic oil. Get all you need for your synthetic oil change and filter replacement in West Islip by calling Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645. They will help you decide which product is best for you. You can also visit their online store to know more about their synthetic oil options for your motorcycle or get their V-Twin Oil Change Kit, which has all you need for an oil change. If you feel like changing your oil at home, here's a guide to help you through the synthetic oil change process.

Refill All the Other Fluids

After you’ve gotten all you need for your AMSOIL synthetic oil change, don’t neglect all the other fluids that your motorcycle needs. The brake fluid is often forgotten. Since it tends to absorb moisture from the air, you should definitely change that one. Remember that different brake fluids shouldn’t be mixed. You should either completely flush your brake system or be sure to get the same brand as you did before. Another fluid that needs to be refilled is the coolant. You can go the extra mile and completely flush it out, clean off the used coolant tank, and refill it with a new mix; or you can simply top it off.

Make it Nice and Shiny

The last step to get your bike ready for the road is to get it nice and clean. Even if your motorcycle was covered, a good wash will get rid of all the dust that might’ve gathered. So scrub it down and wax it up and get ready to hit the open road and feel the sun on your back.

Get All Your Supplies for Your Synthetic Oil Change in West Islip

A well lubricated engine allows your motorcycle to give its best performance. Use only the best synthetic oil in the market, which is AMSOIL synthetic oil. To get all your supplies for your synthetic oil change in West Islip, all you have to do is call Amsoil4liny at: (888) 826-7645 and you're set to go.


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