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Reducing your car’s carbon footprint doesn’t mean you should stop driving it altogether. It doesn’t mean, either, that you should change it for a hybrid. It means that you need to be more conscious about your driving and maintenance. Try some of these tips to make your car more eco-friendly.

Reducing Your Car’s Environmental Impact in North Babylon

Taking care of the environment should be on top of everyone’s list of concerns regarding the planet. There are simple things we can do on a daily basis to decrease our environmental impact, from recycling to reducing the amount of plastic we use and trying to drive less. For many people driving is a necessity and there’s no other way around it. Buying a new car may be impossible for many of us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t reduce our vehicle’s carbon footprint. Amsoil4liny has compiled a list of actions you can take to make your car greener.

Constant Maintenance

A perfectly maintained car is more efficient and requires less energy to perform. Consequently, it’s greener. Keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance is not that tough. There are plenty of tasks you can do at home such as changing your oil and oil filter. However, there are some jobs that you should leave to the mechanic like checking the spark plugs, replacing the air and filter, among others.

Switch to Synthetic Oil

The key to reducing your car’s effect on the environment is decreasing its carbon emissions. You can achieve this by lowering your fuel consumption. One of the many ways you can reduce your fuel intake and save money is by getting a synthetic oil change. That’s not the only way synthetic oil helps the environment. Synthetic oil change intervals are much longer than mineral oil changes.  By using synthetic oil, you reduce your oil intake down to 1.5 gallons a year. Whereas by using mineral oil you dispose of 7.5 gallons per year. Reducing the amount of oil you consume, saves many unnecessarily wasted oil gallons. Just be that, once you use your oil, you dispose of it safely. Better yet, look into oil recycling to give it a second life. Get a long-lasting oil option like AMSOIL’s XL 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and start saving the environment and your wallet too. You can get your oil from AMSOIL’s online store or by calling Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645. Want to know another way synthetics help the environment? Synthetics begin their life with a smaller environmental impact because they are created in a lab. While synthetic oil has no particular ingredient that will help the environment, it is combined with a mix of additives that will improve your engine’s performance and reduce your fuel intake.

Check the Tire Pressure

You should check your tire pressure constantly or at least once a month. Underinflated tires make the engine work harder because they don’t roll efficiently. As you know, if your engine needs to work extra hard, it will require more fuel. You’ll find the proper air pressure in your owner’s manual or printed on the sticker inside your door. If it’s time to change your tires, look for low-rolling-resistance tires. These type of tires last longer against deformation and deflection and waste less energy.

Change the Way You Drive

Your driving style has a huge impact on your fuel consumption. Therefore it affects the environment as well. Driving fast may give you a thrill and get you quicker to your destination, but it’s dangerous and fuel consuming. Try to reduce your aggressive driving tendencies and aim to be an eco-friendly driver. This means you should avoid sudden starts and stops, drive within the speed limit, and stop gently. If you need to be somewhere on time, leave earlier instead of accelerating. Also, try to park under the shade and use a windshield shade to lower your car’s temperature. This way you won’t have to turn the air conditioner on when you climb back in.

Fill up Smartly

Topping off your gas tank with an extra pump after the nozzle automatically stops seems like a smart way to get more fuel. It’s not a smart idea though. That extra drop of fuel can cause your tank to overfill and potentially release toxic fumes out into the atmosphere. Also, there will be no more room left for the gas to expand naturally. Just stop when the nozzle tells you to and be sure to tightly screw on the fuel cap to prevent and vapor from escaping the reservoir.

Get Rid of Excess Weight

Carrying that dirty gym bag or using your car as a closet make it heavier. The more weight it needs to carry, the more fuel it requires to remain moving. Remove everything you won’t be using that day from your vehicle and try to make your car as light as possible.

Synthetic Oil Changes Can Make Your Car Greener

Respect your oil change interval and switch to synthetic oil to make your vehicle kinder to the environment. An AMSOIL Synthetic Oil change will improve your car’s performance, reduce your fuel expenses, and make your vehicle a bit greener. Get everything you need to change your oil in North Babylon by calling Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 and placing your order. You can also purchase your supplies online.

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