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There are plenty of myths about winter driving you shouldn’t believe. Here are some of them.

7 Winter Driving Myths Debunked

Driving during the winter requires a higher level of focus and care than driving during any other season. The roads can be slippery, icy, or snowy making you lose control of your vehicle much easier. By now, you’ve probably winterized your car and are ready to face the cold roads. It’s a good idea for you to brush up on the do’s and don’ts of winter driving and learn a little more about the myths surrounding winter driving so you can stay safe in the road. Here you’ll find some of the most common winter driving myths debunked.

Myth # 1: Four Wheel Drive Cars Are the Safest Option

Unlike what you may believe, 4x4s aren’t invincible in the snow. Though they may have better traction than a traditional two-wheel drive model, they aren’t always the safest option. In fact, for inexperienced drivers, four-wheel drives might be more dangerous since they can take longer to stop in snowy and icy conditions. It’s better to be armed with proper driving techniques than with the most powerful car in the market. When driving on snowy and cold roads, accelerate and brake slowly, and leave a big space between you and the car in front of you.

Myth # 2: You Should Always Let Your Car Warm up Before Driving

There is no actual reason for you to warm up your vehicle before driving, other than making it nice and cozy. It’s actually a bad idea that can affect your health, wallet, and car. This myth has a basis in truth though. Once upon a time, warming up your engine was necessary, but modern computer controlled or fuel injected cars don’t need it. You don’t need to let your car idle for more than a minute, even on the coldest days. Besides newer lubricants like synthetics start flowing fast in freezing temperatures. Consider switching to AMSOIL Synthetic Oil instead of excessively burning off gas and wearing out your car while warming up your engine. So when your next oil change interval is up, call Matt Koing at Amosoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 and ask him about the best synthetic oil option for your synthetic oil change in North Babylon. You can also check out AMSOIL’s online store to explore all their options. You’ll probably do just fine if you get their Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Myth # 3: You Should Let Your Tires Go Under-Inflated in the Snow

Under no circumstances should you let your tires go under-inflated during the winter. If anything maybe you should consider overinflating them. You should constantly check your tire pressure, especially during the winter because the cold makes the pressure drop. The correct tire pressure allows proper traction. If you take away some of the air, your tires lose some of their grip on the road. Be sure to fill up your tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Myth # 4: Winter Tires Are Not Necessary for the City

It’s true that cities often get less snow (or at least are better plowed) than other regions, which is why it might seem unnecessary to invest in winter tires. After all, they are made for ice and snow, right? Winter offer better traction in cold temperatures. They provide a better grip on wet and dry pavement, slush, snow, and ice. Winter tires will allow you not to be that person stuck at the bottom of the hill.

Myth #5: Using the ABS Is Not a Good Idea During the Winter

Sure, the ABS may increase your stopping distance in slippery conditions, but it also gives you more control and prevents the wheels from locking up. You’ll be able to steer the vehicle with more ease and avoid colliding with to obstacles, cars, or people when coming to a stop.

Myth # 6: Turn off Traction Control in Snowy Roads

Traction control systems help improve your traction on the road. It makes sense that you would want to increase your traction under snowy conditions. However, if you’re trying to move through deep snow, turning off the traction control system is the way to go. You will need all the engine power to be able to make it across the snow.

Myth # 7: Pouring Boiling Water Over Your Frozen Windshield Will Clear It Faster

Pouring boiling water over your windshield might seem like the obvious solution to melt away the ice layer that doesn’t let you be on your way. But you should steer away from the kettle or run the risk of breaking your windscreen. The extreme temperature change can cause the glass to shatter. Instead, you should stick to an ice scraper and spray some de-icer all over your windows.

Everything You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change in North Babylon This Winter

Synthetic oil will help you keep your car lubricated and safe all year long. A synthetic oil change is always a good idea, especially during the winter. Remember you can get everything you need for your car’s lubrication from AMSOIL’s online store or by calling Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645.

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