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As the weather starts to change and the roads become more difficult to drive on, collisions increase. However, there are tips which you can utilize to prevent this from happening to you.

The summer and warmer months are not only great times to enjoy the outdoors, but they also make the roads much easier to drive on and, in turn, much safer. However, when the weather changes and it begins to get colder and even rain, the safety of the roads decreases, requiring motorists to be more vigilant as they drive.

Safe Driving Tips

If you are interested in easy-to-adopt tips which can make you a safer motorist when driving during bad weather, below are some great starting points from Amsoil 4 Liny which can help.

Take off a Little Slower

When the weather is good and the roads are dry, your tires can get a good grip on the surface, helping your vehicle to move forward from a standing-stop with little problems. However, it only takes a small amount of rain or oil on the roads to cause your tires to slip and spin. While this may not be a problem coming from your driveway or garage, if it happens moving from a red light which has switched to green, motorists often react by putting their foot on the gas pedal more, leading to them losing control of their vehicle and finding themselves in trouble. The easiest way to prevent this and a range of other problems from occurring is to simply slow down your starts. When the light switches to green, instead of trying to race the car beside you, take it slow and steady.

Brake Early

Connected to the tip above, the dryness of the road dictates just how quickly you can bring your vehicle to a complete stop, even if you have an anti-lock braking system (ABS). As great as ABS is at bringing your car to a controlled stop, this system still relies on the basics that your tires need to grip to the road to some degree. For this reason, it’s important that you keep your eyes on the road in front of you and brake well in advance of when you would usually. Even if this means that you find yourself slowly rolling to a red light, do what is needed so that you aren’t left hitting the car in front of you. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil and give your vehicle some much-needed attention. If you aren’t sure if this is the right product for your vehicle, speak with an expert at Amsoil 4 Liny by calling (888) 826-7645. Alternatively, check out the online store for more information on the range of AMSOIL products available.

Check Your Tire Pressure

While it can seem difficult to believe, the level of pressure in your tires plays a large role in how well your car handles, in both good and bad weather. If there is too much air in your tires then enough of your thread isn’t coming into contact with the road, meaning less traction, whereas too little pressure  leaves you with sluggish handling and performance, which comes with its own set of problems. The easiest way to check if your tires have the correct level of pressure is to look at what is printed on the side. Once you have this, head to the gas station and use their tire inflation tool and match the numbers. If you’re over or under, be sure to adjust your pressure either way. With the improvement in handling, in the event that you need to avoid an emergency in front of you, you will be in a better position.

Say No to Cruise-Control

Cruise control is a common feature in modern cars and is undeniably convenient. However, it can also make drivers complacent, assuming that their car will essentially drive itself, and take their feet away from the pedals. While it may only take a split second to get your feet where they need to be to control your car in the event of an emergency, when it comes to driving in bad weather, this time is often the difference between a nasty collision and a near-miss. As tempting as it can be to utilize the feature on long drives or even around your neighborhood, when it comes to bad weather, resist the urge and instead stick to maintaining full control of your vehicle.

Improve Your Car’s Health with a Synthetic Oil Change in Long Island, NY

If it feels like your vehicle isn’t managing the change in weather too well or you can’t remember the last time you changed the fluids, speak with a friendly expert at Amsoil 4 Liny about how a quick and easy synthetic oil change in Long Island, NY can help. From improved performance to reduced engine damage, a synthetic oil change in Long Island, NY can benefit all vehicles

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