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Have you noticed that your car is struggling to get going in the morning? Especially when it’s cold? This article can help with some information and advice on the subject

As soon as your alarm sounds you either snooze it or shut it off completely so that you can stay in bed as long as possible before making your way out into the cold. And who can blame you? However, your car doesn’t get the same treatment.

A Warmer Start for Your Car

If you are a motorist who regularly warms their car up before driving, especially during a cold morning, below is an article from Amsoil4liny about how this could actually be causing more harm than good, and what you can do about it.

What Happens When You Turn the Key?

Each time that you start your engine, a range of metal parts inside your engine get to work. Their job could include pushing, pulling, bumping, or even grinding against another part, all to keep your engine running and your vehicle moving. If you can think back to your high-school science classes, metal interacting with metal in this way leads to a whole lot of friction build up, which can cause serious damage. The best protection for your engine is the engine oil you or even your mechanic puts into it. When your engine oil is at the correct level, each of your engine parts is coated with a protective film. Additionally, your oil makes its way into the most intricate spaces in and around your engine, where it can provide further protection. When in places, this film prevents friction by facilitating smooth and fluid interactions. This means that, instead of grinding, your engine’s parts can work together smoothly. Click here to buy Signature Series 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil and keep your engine running smoothly with a synthetic oil change. To find out more about how a synthetic oil change can improve your vehicle’s performance and reduce engine wear, speak with an expert on the subject by calling Amsoil4liny on (888) 826-7645 or check out the online store for more information.

Is Warming up Your Car Part of Your Morning Routine?

It’s a good bet that you warm up your car before you leave to go to work each morning. It’s just the life lesson which everybody has been taught. And while is makes sense, on the surface, in reality, warming up your car probably isn’t what you think it is. If you are using conventional oil or your current oil is coming to the end of its lifespan, then the cold weather will cause it to clump up around your engine and on your parts. When this happens, many of your parts are unprotected and susceptible to damage. In order for your oil to return to its protective state, it first needs to be warmed up. This is what warming up your car does. It doesn’t actually heat up your car as much as it heats up your engine oil, allowing it to return to a consistency at which it can do its job. This can cause two serious problems:
  • The first is engine wear. As your engine parts are unprotected, small shards of metal can be scraped away. This happens slowly at first, but over time accumulates and causes parts to break down, requiring replacements more often.
  • The second is a reduction in your engine performance. This is called by the small pieces mentioned above getting caught and becoming lodged in between moving parts, preventing them from doing their job properly.

Reduce Engine Damage and Improve Performance with a Synthetic Oil Change in Long Island, NY

The easiest way to combat the above from happening to you is with a quick and easy synthetic oil change. Synthetic oil has been designed to maintain its consistency in a range of temperatures, including the cold. This means that, instead of clumping up over night, it remains in place, protecting your engine and its parts from the moment you switch it on. This means no more warming up your engine and no more engine damage. To find out more or for help getting the right product for your engine, speak with a professional at Amsoil4liny by calling (888) 826-7645. Experts no the subject, trust in their extensive experience and knowledge to ensure you get the right product for your vehicle.

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