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Proper summer engine lubrication can prevent your engine from overheating and breaking down. The best lubrication you can get is by using synthetic oil. Here are some of the ways a synthetic oil change this summer is the best idea. Engine lubrication is imperative year round, so choosing the correct oil for the job is of utmost importance. During the winter you worry about your oil turning into molasses and not doing its job and during the summer you worry about it breaking down and not lubricating either. But let’s focus on summer temperatures in this article. What is the best way to go when choosing the right type of lubrication for your engine over the summer? Amsoil4liny would say synthetic oil. So this post is all about how a synthetic oil change can help your engine over the summer in North Babylon.

Do I Need Heavier Synthetic Oil During the Summer?

Back in the olden days when motor oil had a single viscosity changing your oil every winter and every summer was a must. As you know, oil thins down as the heat rises and it gets really thick when the temperatures outside drop. During the winter your super thick oil wouldn’t be able to lube the engine properly, and during the summer your super thin oil would break down leaving your engine unprotected. Fortunately those times have passed and multi-viscosity oil was created. This oil is the best of both worlds, it flows when it’s cold and thickens when it’s warm providing year round protection. So really no, you don’t need to switch to a heavier synthetic oil during the summer. Manufacturers recommend that you stick to their suggested oil, but if you’re looking for better long term engine protection you should switch to synthetic oil. What is synthetic oil and what makes it so special anyways? Synthetic oil is super refined natural oil, with more complex additive packages mixed. Synthetics allow your engine to perform better during every day and extreme conditions. Getting a synthetic oil change can is a great idea if you know that your engine will be undergoing unusual stress or if you simply wish to have excelling engine protection and longer oil change intervals in North Babylon. Again, since synthetics are also available in multiple viscosity grades you don’t need to worry about changing it every season, as long as you respect your specified oil change intervals you should do just fine. If your oil change interval is almost up, it's the perfect time to stock up on everything you need for a synthetic oil change. You should get AMSOIL Synthetic Oil if you want to get the best quality synthetic oil. Call Matt Koing at Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 to get some help in choosing what you should get. Perhaps a multi-viscosity oil like AMSOIL'S Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil is what you need and don't forget your oil filter with it.

Is Synthetic Oil Going to Help My Engine Stay Cool?

Most definitely, synthetic oil will help your engine remain cool under the summer heat. This is how it will help: you obviously know that motor oil is meant to lubricate your engine and all the tiny metal parts that make it up. If oil wasn’t present the amount of friction created by all the metal parts rubbing together would rise exponentially and overheat your engine, probably leaving you stranded under the sun. Since synthetic oil does an even better job at sliding and covering all those metal parts, creating a thin film which keeps friction from rising, you don’t have to worry about your engine overheating. But providing the necessary lubrication to prevent friction isn’t the only way in which synthetic oil helps your engine remain cool. Oil also transfers the heat from one part to another, especially if we’re talking about motorcycles. The oil carries lots of the heat that’s generated by combustion back into the oil tank where it dissipates some of the heat. Your best summer option for automotive oil or motorcycle oil is synthetic oil because it takes longer to break down providing constant protection.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change This Summer in North Babylon

What better way to start the summer and improve your engine's protection in North Babylon than by getting a synthetic oil change? Get your motorcycle or car ready to hit the road by giving it some proper maintenance and purchasing your AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. You just have to call Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 and they will help you decide which product is best for your vehicle's needs.

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