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We are always looking for a way to save money. However, many times we don’t take proper care of our vehicles and that can make us lose money, and we don’t need that. Among the many benefits of caring for your car, economic savings is one. How can you do it?  One way is by getting the best out of your fuel. Amsoil4liny in North Babylon would like to share a few suggestions on getting your money’s worth out of your fuel.


Always keep your tires properly inflated, to the suggested levels mentioned on your owner’s manual or the sticker on the side of the driver’s door. The appropriate amount of air in your tires can reduce up to 3% of fuel consumption. Properly inflated tires also help you avoid the threat to wear unevenly. You should also try purchasing the narrowest tires for your wheels and driving style. Narrow tires reduce aerodynamic drag.

Get a Tune Up

Keep your car’s engine in check. When you properly tune up your engine, it greatly increases fuel efficiency. Make sure your spark plugs in the engine are working to their best, get a synthetic oil change in North Babylon on time and keep the air filters clean.

Keep it Light

Do try to carry as little weight as possible in your car. Every extra 100 unnecessary pounds increases fuel consumption by 2%. Your car isn’t a closet or a storage unit; if you are not going to be using something then take it out. With that said, be sure to always keep the emergency basics in your car, things that you do use with frequency must stay (spare tire, extra water, tools).

Feed Your Engine with Synthetic Oil in North Babylon

Save some more by getting a synthetic oil change in North Babylon for your vehicle. If you require the best products for it, call AMSOIL dealer: Amsoil4liny in North Babylon at: (888) 826-7645, or visit the online store. Get an oil replacement with the best synthetic oil in North Babylon, and start reaping the benefits now.


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