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How to Change Your Motorcycle Engine Oil

How often do you need to replace the oil in your motorbike’s engine? Every four months? Every six months? Even if you’re currently only doing it every eight months (which is probably not ideal), you’ll be racking up some serious mechanic’s fees if you take it into the garage every time it needs to be done. This expense is totally unnecessary as, with a few tools and bit of knowledge, you can change your motorbike’s engine oil yourself at home, for free! Saving you money to spend on more important things, like the new Harley Davidson Softail Slim. In this blog,  your local AMSOIL Dealer – Amsoil4liny has put together a no-fail step-by-step guide to how to change your motorcycle engine oil yourself at home. First things first, make sure that you invest in the ideal engine oil for your engine. Synthetic oils provide superior performance at a much wider range of temperatures than conventional oils. This is particularly important for motorcycles as engines can hit extremely high temperatures when traveling at high speeds or for long periods.


  To be able to change your oil yourself, you will first need to invest in some equipment. You’ll need an engine oil filter, a socket wrench and something to collect the old oil in (a plastic bucket will do just fine). You should use old clothes or overalls when changing your motorcycle’s oil.

Getting Started

  To make your life easier, it’s a good idea to try and make the old engine oil that you are trying to remove as liquid as possible. You can do this by running the engine for a couple of minutes until it gets warm. Once the engine has been running for a little while, park your motorcycle on a level surface and place it on a stand. Shut off the engine and cover the floor around your vehicle with newspaper or any other protective material, as oil can get spilt during the oil change process.

Out with the Old

  Use your owner’s manual to identify the location of the ‘waste nut’. Loosen and remove the nut using a wrench. It might be dangerously hot, so do not touch it, or any other part of the motorcycle with your hands. Place your bucket or container close to the oil port. Next, remove the drain plug, being careful not to drop it and let the oil run out of the system for a little while. Once the oil has stopped coming out, that means that the reservoir is empty. You should take this opportunity to thoroughly clean the drain plug and any accessible areas of the oil system. Check that the drain plug is not worn. If it is, replace it and return it to its original position. Once again consult your user’s manual - this time, to locate the oil filter. There are many models of oil filter, and each requires a specialist wrench to remove it. Talk to the experts at your local AMSOIL Dealer – Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 to find out which is the correct one for your model. Along with your oil filter, Amsoil4liny can also provide the right product for the last step, a synthetic oil change. Remove the filter using the wrench, being careful to avoid spillage as the filter may be full of oil. Insert the new filter, adding oil to the seal to prevent leakage.

In with the New

  Have another, final look in your owner’s manual to find out the ideal amount of engine oil to put into your motorcycle’s system. Using a funnel, add oil until just less than the amount stipulated in the user manual. Stop and check the level and, if necessary, top up a little more. It’s important not to add too much oil, as this causes pressure on the seals. Finally, make sure to take your used motor oil for safe, professional disposal. Do not pour it away down the drain or the toilet. This can be very damage to the waste water system in your household.

Reduce the Frequency of Your Maintenance with a Synthetic Oil Change

Remember, the best way to protect your motorcycle’s engine and optimize its performance is by investing in a top-quality, synthetic engine oil. Synthetic oils provide superior protection and also last longer, reducing the frequency with which you have to change the oil. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer – Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 to find out more about the benefits of synthetic oils, and see the difference in your motorcycle’s performance.

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