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How I Care for My Bike

I always worry about the care and maintenance of my bike. I like to know she is in perfect condition and ready to go when I want to head out.

Keep Her Clean

A very basic (and easy) part of motorcycle maintenance is keeping your bike clean. I always keep my bike clean and the area I park my bike is kept clean as well. This allows me to instantly recognize any issues such as oil leakage, however minimal. This technique has already served me well once as a screw was missing and a very slight oil leak had begun. I noticed it immediately.

Bike Chain and Gears

I'm always checking to be sure my bike's chain is set correctly. On my bike chain, I have about 2.5 cm of play. I notice that during the summer rains much of the lubricant on the chain is lost, and that's when oxidation begins to occur. I make sure to apply additional oil to the train. This keeps it well lubricated especially since my regular routes tend to be dusty, and debris tends to get trapped in the chain if it's gunked up with thickened or not enough oil. After lubing, I can feel the gears shift with ease. I lube the gears several times a week depending on the rains as I drive my bike daily.


Since we're talking "rains and lubrication", with rainy weather be sure to keep, other components lubricated, such as power locks, padlocks and keep your helmet in top condition. The speedometer cable should also be kept well greased. Once it dries out, it will stop working.

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