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Motorcycles and cars are used differently, they have different parts, and different needs. For these reasons they require different oil. Learn why automotive and motorcycle oil aren’t interchangeable. Oil manufacturers spend a lot of time experimenting to find the right oil formula for your specific engine. Why would you use car motor oil in a motorcycle engine if there’s a product explicitly created for each? If you’re wondering if one oil can substitute another you’ll probably be interested in learning some of the basic differences between the two lubricants. Amsoil4liny prepared this post to help you decide which oil is right for your motorcycle in North Babylon.

Oil Application

No oil is build the same and that’s even truer regarding car motor oil and motorcycle oil. Not only do they have different ingredients, they have different uses as well. Car motor oil is used to lubricate the engine and all the metal moving parts that make it up. Motorcycle oil is not only meant to lubricate the engine but also to cool the clutch, and protect and lubricate the gearbox. These are some of the different applications car and motorcycle engines experience, and the reasons why the oil needs to be different.
  • Operational speed: You don’t run your motorcycle the same way you do your car. Motorcycles usually go at higher speeds, which means there’s an additional stress placed on the engine and its components. The elevated speed can cause foaming, which can reduce the oil’s carrying ability and promote faster oxidation. As a result the needed oil protection is higher and automotive oil can’t provide it.
  • Engine Cooling: Cars have a water cooling system to control the rising temperatures, some motorcycles have similar systems as well, but others cool down differently. Sometimes a combination of oil and air is used to cool the motorcycle’s engine down. Motorcycle oil needs to act like a coolant, which is why its ingredients obviously need to be different than the ones in automotive oil.
  • Compression ratios: Another factor that places additional stress on the engine is the higher compression ratios with which motorcycles operate with. Since they elevate the engine’s temperature, better oil is needed to reduce the heat and wear. The high temperatures also reduce the oil’s life expectancy and increase the formation of sludge. A synthetic oil change could be the key to eliminate this sludge buildup. Learn more about the benefits of using synthetic oil here. Getting a synthetic oil change is so easy, you can even do it at home. All you need is the best quality synthetic oil you can get in North Babylon, which is AMSOIL synthetic oil. You can get your products when it’s time for your oil change interval by calling Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 or by visiting their online store.
  • Multiple lubrication: In cars oil’s one job is to lubricate the engine. Every other part of the car has its own specific lubricating liquid. However, motorcycle parts share the same form of lubrication. Many motorcycles use the same oil in the engine, the transmission, and the clutch. The oil has to satisfy every the need at the same time.
  • Activity/inactivity: You  use your car more than you do your motorcycle. Motorcycles sometimes go through long periods of inactivity. When your bike is not in use, oils go through added stress and are very likely to help develop rust and acid corrosion. An oil that can withstand long periods of inactivity is necessary in these cases. On that subject, here are some tips you should follow if you're going to be storing your motorcycle for a while.

Synthetic vs Conventional Oil in North Babylon

Now that we’ve established how motorcycles and cars work differently and that they definitely need the protection of the oil specified for each, let’s talk about the great synthetic vs conventional oil debacle. It basically all comes down to the quality of the ingredients, which reflect on the price. Conventional oil goes through a refining process and is later enriched with additives. The molecules in conventional oil remain in their organic uneven state. Synthetic oil goes through a much stricter refining process in which the molecules are modified to have uniform shape. Uniform molecules move much more smoothly without added friction. Conventional oil doesn’t have the same tolerance to extreme temperatures as synthetic oil does. In fact, it breaks down much quicker, that explains the shorter oil change intervals. Synthetics last longer keeping their lubricating qualities. Conventional oil promotes the creation of sludge, whereas synthetic doesn’t. It can actually clean off whatever sludge is found in your bike already.

Get All You Need for Your Synthetic Oil Change in North Babylon

Every product you need to get a synthetic oil change, both for your bike and your car is available through AMSOIL Dealer: Amsoil4liny. They can help you decide which one is the right oil for your vehicle  if you call them at: (888) 826-7645. Don't forget you can also visit their online store.

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