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Start the New Year on the right foot by taking care of your vehicle and making safer. These are some easy resolutions every car owner can make.

Make Your Car Safety a Priority

We make all sorts of resolutions as the year begins. Losing weight, getting in shape, spending more time with our loved...
There are plenty of myths about winter driving you shouldn’t believe. Here are some of them.

7 Winter Driving Myths Debunked

Driving during the winter requires a higher level of focus and care than driving during any other season. The roads can be slippery, icy, or snowy making you lose control...
A synthetic oil change can help you deal with many engine problems, from excessive friction, extreme temperatures, and sludge formation. Yes, synthetic oil can help you get rid of that grimy, greasy layer of sludge that collects throughout your engine. Find out more about it here.

Sludge Affects...

Reducing your car’s carbon footprint doesn’t mean you should stop driving it altogether. It doesn’t mean, either, that you should change it for a hybrid. It means that you need to be more conscious about your driving and maintenance. Try some of these tips to make your car more eco-friendly.


You probably think twice about getting a synthetic oil change with the oil being more expensive and all. However, switching to synthetic can help you save money. When you think about synthetic oil changes, you think about shelling out extra cash for a simple oil bottle. You may think there's no...
Your car uses a variety of fluids to perform, and all are equally important and necessary. To keep your vehicle always at its best, you need to be sure that it has the appropriate amount of these fluids. Learn about them and what they do in this post. There are many different types of fluids...
Riding under the sun might be your idea of fun, but if you don't prepare properly it can be very dangerous. This post will give you some pointers about riding your motorcycle and staying safe under the summer heat.

4 Ways to Ride Safe This Summer in West Islip

Summer means lots of sun. While it...
Proper summer engine lubrication can prevent your engine from overheating and breaking down. The best lubrication you can get is by using synthetic oil. Here are some of the ways a synthetic oil change this summer is the best idea. Engine lubrication is imperative year round, so choosing the...
Gasoline additives are necessary to improve fuel and your engine's overall performance. There are several types of additives that you can mix with your fuel, learn about them here. 

A Little Bit About Gasoline Additives

Gasoline additives can offer many solutions to fuel delivery system problems....
An oil analysis could be the key to prolonging your oil change intervals and maintaining a healthier vehicle. Oil analysis is a major  problem prevention tool. You can learn more about its benefits.

Oil Analysis for Longer Oil Change Intervals

You can get your oil analyzed regularly to find out...

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