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Planning a long haul ride or a road trip is just as much about staying safe as it is about staying sane. You can’t just apply the same planning tips as you would when driving a car.

Not every rider likes to think of their bike as having limitations, however, when it comes to planning for a road trip on a bike instead of a car, the reality is that you need to accept these limitations and plan around them.

How to Make a Safe and Enjoyable Long Haul Ride

Amsoil4Liny knows how important it is for riders to stay safe on the road, but also to stay sane and enjoy their riding, and has put together the following tips to help you plan for your next long ride.

Don’t Do It Alone

Part of the fun of a road trip is that you can enjoy it with your friends or family members! There isn’t anything too exciting about getting in a car and driving long distances by yourself, and the same applies to your bike. Speak with fellow bike owners and make it a group road trip. Each time that you all stop to take breaks and enjoy some refreshing snacks, you will have a great social opportunity to talk about the ride ahead and what you have all seen. Traveling in a group also helps make it a safer ride, with other riders looking out for you and able to help you in the event something breaks down.

Speaking of Enjoying Snacks

When it comes to driving a car over long distances, it’s easy to reach around and grab a can of soda or open up a sandwich or snack foods and refresh your mind and body without stopping. On a bike, however, this simple act requires you to pull over, switch off your bike, take off some gear, all before you can even think about soda. When planning your trip, keep this in mind and look for places along your route which don’t just give you a place to stop, but also offer something else. For example, sights to take photos off, a place where you can explore on a short walk, or even a new town you can look around and enjoy. Click here to buy 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil and keep your bike’s engine running smoothly over long distances. Giving your bike a simple synthetic oil change in Long Island, NY is a quick way to help improve your bike’s performance along with helping to reduce engine wear and extend its lifespan. To find out more about how a synthetic oil change in Long Island, NY can benefit your bike or advice on finding the right product, speak with an expert at Amsoil4Liny by calling (888) 826-7645 or check out the online store.

Let the Weather Guide You

In addition to added safety benefits, a car’s door, doors, and windows also perform a great job of keeping the driver and passengers away from the weather. In fact, with so many climate control features now available in cars, it can often make people inside forget about the bad weather outside. When you’re on a bike, however, you don’t have any such luxuries. Instead, it’s just you and the weather. When planning for your trip, look at what the weather forecast has to say. Of course, bad weather doesn’t mean that you have to cancel your trip, it just means that you should look for an alternate route or plan your stop differently. For example, if a town you will be riding through is expecting a storm at a certain point in the day, plan your stops so that you can reach the town before it happens and enjoy lunch at a cafe while you all wait out the storm.

Be Aware of Boredom

Not only is being bored, well, boring, but it can also have a serious impact on the safety of your riding. Especially if you start to doze off or lose concentration. When you’re in a car, the radio is a good option because you can change the station easily to listen to a range of different music. As you would know, bikes don’t come with radios. Instead, look to your favorite music streaming app and create a few playlists for the journey. For example, you could have one with your favorite tracks for when you want to sing along, you can have one with mellow music while you ride slowly through scenery, and one with loud and catchy music to keep you alert and active. Once you have these planned, download them into your phone using your home wifi so that you can continue to listen to them even where you don’t get cell reception on your ride. Now that you have your music prepared, head to your local electronics store and pick up a good-quality Bluetooth headset, specifically, one which will work with your phone’s assistant. These can often allow you the ability to control your phone using only your voice, such as changing playlists, dictating and listening to messages, or even to take and make calls.

Get the Most out of Your Bike on a Long Journey with a Synthetic Oil Change in Long Island, NY

Help prepare your bike for the long ride ahead with a bit of maintenance and a synthetic oil change. A synthetic oil change can not only help to keep your bike running smoothly over long distances but can also work to minimize engine wear and damage while you ride. To find out more or to place an order for a product which is suited to your engine type, speak with Amsoil4Liny today at (888) 826-7645.

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