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Bi-Annual Boat Maintenance Tips

Warm weather and a few weeks of vacations make summer the perfect time to make the most of your boat. There’s nothing like heading out on the high seas and setting sail to wherever your heart desires. But out on the open water, it’s also difficult to access help, should you suffer any mishaps with your equipment. Because of this, it’s essential to ensure that your boat is shipshape and in tip-top condition before heading out. In this article, your local AMSOIL Dealer, Amsoil4liny, would like to share our guide to Bi-annual boat maintenance. This should be conducted heading into summer and again later in the year.

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is an essential safety feature of any boat. Fires can break out on boats as engines use gasoline or diesel. You may also have a gas boiler with many parts made from flammable materials such as wood. To equip your boat fully, you may need to invest in more than one type of fire extinguisher. Take a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations for more information. You should ensure that extinguishers are in easily accessible locations, that you have had them serviced in the past year and that you and your family or crew members are confident in how to use them.

Fuel System

To reduce the risk of fire danger, as well as to make sure that you don’t get stranded without a functioning motor, it’s important to carry out a few checks on your fuel system. First of all, check the engine compartment. Is it clean? It is free from flammable materials that could cause a fire? Does everything look to be in working order? Check for leaks or loose components and, if necessary, contact a mechanic for a full service before setting sail. You should pay particular attention to your fuel tank. Check for leaks from the tank, hose and fittings. These are all sources of potential fire hazard. Make sure that your fuel tank is in good condition and that there is no sign of rust or contamination.

Upgrade Your Engine Oil

Engine oil provides lubrication and rust protection to your engine, as well as keeping it clean. Its effectiveness deteriorates over time as it filters out dirt particles and becomes ‘full-up’ with contaminants and corrosive particles. It’s important that you give your engine a regular synthetic oil change. As a general rule, Discover Boating suggest an oil change every 100 hours of operation, or around once a year. Synthetic motor oils can be a little more expensive at point of purchase, but they are a wise investment for a savvy sailor as they provide a broad range of benefits. They provide superior lubrication at a wider range of temperatures. This is particularly important in the context of sailing as your engine may hit high temperatures when you’re traveling at high speeds on a sunny day, but when docked in the harbor at night with the engine turned off, a conventional oil could begin to solidify at lower temperatures and fail to protect your engine. Synthetic oils also last longer, reducing the frequency with which you need to change them, and increasing their cost-effectiveness. Call Amsoil4liny today at (888) 826-7645 to find out more about how a synthetic oil change can increase the performance of your engine.

Safety Equipment

Safety is the top priority for all sailors. Before setting off, make sure that all lifelines and rails are in good condition and safely secured. Check that you have equipped all enclosed areas of your boat with carbon monoxide detectors and that these are fully functional. Surfaces that are slippery when wet, such as wooden decking, should be covered with non-slip mats. If you are going on a long journey or traveling far out to sea, you should consider investing in an EPIRB – ‘Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon’ that can be used to alert rescue services to your whereabouts in the event of an emergency.

Final Checks

Have a look at the electrical wiring and ensure everything is neatly secured and protected. Check out your bilge pumps to ensure that they would be capable of pumping out water in an emergency. Ensure that you have spares of all equipment such as anchors and tackle and make sure that utilities such as the stove and toilet are functional.

Increase Engine Performance with a Synthetic Oil Change in North Babylon

Now you are ready to sail off into the sunset without a care in the world. Remember, the best way to protect your engine and prolong its life is with a synthetic engine change. Call your local Amsoil Dealer, Amsoil4liny today at (888) 826-7645 to find out more.

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