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Start the New Year on the right foot by taking care of your vehicle and making safer. These are some easy resolutions every car owner can make.

Make Your Car Safety a Priority

We make all sorts of resolutions as the year begins. Losing weight, getting in shape, spending more time with our loved ones, buying a new house or a new car. Unfortunately, we tend to forget about our goals as soon as February rolls in. How about making promises we can actually keep? Perhaps you don’t have the funds to buy a car this year, but you can make your current vehicle better…or safer at least. With minimal investment, you can make your vehicle a safer place for you, your passengers, and your fellow drivers. Amsoil4liny has enlisted some resolutions that you can definitely keep this 2018.

The Easiest Resolutions You Can Set to Make Your Car Safer

Practice Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is being aware of all the possible dangers and unexpected situations on the road and being prepared to face them. It’s essential that you focus on everything that goes on while you’re driving so you’ll be able to react on time. No one is exempt from a car accident. Even the best of drivers can be affected by their fellow drivers’ carelessness. To learn more about defensive driving and how you can practice it, check out these tips.

Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

You can make your car safer by making it environmentally friendly. Eco-friendly vehicles are more reliable because they're properly maintained and because they don’t pollute as much. Many of us can’t buy an eco-friendly car this year, bust something as simple as switching to synthetic oil can make a big positive difference. Here are some ways in which you can make your vehicle more environmentally friendly.

Respect the Seatbelt Rule

Wearing a seatbelt is part of the law. Still, many of us conveniently forget about it when we need to drive somewhere close. Accidents can happen around the corner. Even if a seatbelt doesn't prevent the accident from happening, it will keep you safer. Enforce a seatbelt rule in your car and be sure everyone follows it, even if you’re just going to the grocery store. The importance of safety chairs for small children can’t be stressed enough. It’s critical! Also, if you travel with pets, you should use some restraint or secured crate to keep them in place.

Follow Your Oil Change Intervals

You’ll find the recommended oil change interval in your owner’s manual. Car manufacturers put it there to make sure that your vehicle stays in shape and maintains optimum performance. If you’ve somehow forgotten when your next synthetic oil change is due, pay attention to your car,  it sends you many signs. You can also just choose to start your year with an AMSOIL Synthetic Oil change and start keeping a record. Start using their XL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil and forget about oil changes for up to 12,000 miles! You can get everything you need for a synthetic oil change (including oil filters) at AMSOIL’s online store or by calling Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 to place your order in North Babylon.

Master the Art of Changing a Tire

All car owners or drivers should know how to change a tire, or at least keep the necessary tools to do it. You should practice changing your tire a home in case you actually need to do it sometime. If your car comes equipped with a tire-inflator kit instead of a spare tire, familiarize yourself with how it works as well. You should also learn how to react in case your tire blows up while driving. You will feel nervous, but you need to hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands and slowly steer your vehicle to a safe area where you can come to a full stop.

Don’t Drink and Drive

There are many car services out there, so you don’t have to drink and drive. Alcohol can slow your ability to react and think clearly, even if it was only one drink. Protect yourself, your close ones, and others around you by choosing not to drive if you’ve been drinking. Don’t risk getting into an accident or receiving a DUI. Just let someone else drive instead.

Keep Your Car Clean

Did you know that your dirty car also contributes to burning off more fuel? That’s because all the excess weight, trash, and other randomness make your car heavier and your engine needs to work harder to keep the vehicle moving. Do you really need that old coffee cup from last week? Make it your goal to clean your car once a week. You can also give your car a good wax after washing it, go the extra mile once in a while.

Start Your Year in North Babylon With a Synthetic Oil Change

Begin your year by switching to AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. Get everything you need for your vehicle’s lubrication from AMSOIL’s online store. Remember you can also call Matt Koing at Amsoil4liny to get some recommendations and make your purchase. Contact him at (888) 826-7645.  

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