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Staying Safe When Carrying a Passenger

After taking care of your motorcycle, it's time to hit the road! But if you're carrying a passenger with you, you have to be extra careful. As you can imagine, the risk while on the road increases if you have somebody else on the motorcycle with you, so it's imperative that you take the required safety measures. After all, you surely want both of you to arrive to your destination safely and without much hassle. For that reason, Amsoil4liny in West Babylon, NY suggest following these guidelines to have fun, safe and smooth motorcycle rides with your friends or family.

The Passenger Should

  • Wear protective clothing like a rider does. Do NOT ride with anybody else in your bike if they don't have a proper helmet on.
  • Hold onto the rider by the hips or waist. That way, when you take corners, they will subconsciously lean along with you.
  • Keep their feet on the footpegs and away from hot parts at all times, and wear proper footwear that will protect them.
  • Sit only behind you, and on the passenger portion of the seat. If there's not passenger portion there should be no passenger at all, period.
  • Not be a child, because children can't reach the footpegs. It isn't safe for them or for you even if they sit in front of you.

You Should

  • Keep in mind that a passenger implies extra weight, and that extra weight will change the weight distribution and stability of the bike, feeling lighter in the front and heavier in the back.
  • Make the adequate changes to the suspension, such as making the rear shocks firmer and increasing tire pressure.
  • Adjust your riding style and encourage your passenger to shift along with you. If your passenger remains stiff while in corners, for instance, you'll have to lean harder and your bike won't be as responsive.

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