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Learn More About the Safety Features Offered When Buying Your New Car

When it comes to buying a new car, many soon-to-be owners become so excited that they often focus on getting into their dream car as soon as possible that they neglect to consider just how safe that dream car is. With many drivers assuming that all new cars come with the same safety features, it's possible to buy a car that isn't as safe as you would like. To help you navigate through the world of buying a new car and choosing the right safety features, Amsoil Dealer - Amsoil4liny has put together some information on just a few of the safety features you are likely to see advertised, how they operate, and how you can benefit from them in the event of a collision or emergency.

All Wheel Drive

While it's safety benefits may not seem as apparent, cars with all-wheel drive provide drivers for an increased level of traction, especially during instances of wet weather. When a regular car drives, either its two front or two rear wheels work to pull or push the car. While this is effective in moving the car, the remaining two wheels are left to simply roll, and potentially slide. For cars with all-wheel drive, each wheel is actively bring driven by the engine, meaning all four wheels are constantly driving your vehicle, providing increased reliability in wet weather as they each work to move your car. This feature can also have great benefits during instances of mud or dirt driving as it results in fewer wheel spins.

Automatic Emergency Braking

There is no substitute for paying full attention to the road ahead and driving conditions around you as you drive, however, the truth is that some drivers can become distracted. It takes only a few seconds to look away and return to see the car ahead has stopped, resulting in a collision. With an Automatic Emergency Braking system in place and active, cars can monitor the speed and distance of the car ahead, and if it expects a collision where the driver isn't responding, it can automatically apply the car's brakes. This system can work to greatly reduce the number of rear-end collisions which occur. As advanced as the technology inside cars is becoming, it is still only able to alert drivers of many things such as safety concerns and low fluid levels. If your car is notifying you of an engine failure or a low fluid level, see to it immediately. If your fluid levels are low, such as your brake or engine oil, speak with Amsoil Dealer - Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 and get the right product for a synthetic oil change in West Babylon.

Fatigue Monitoring System or Attention Assist

There are many things which a driver can do to ensure they remain awake while driving, including getting a full sleep before they drive and always taking breaks during long drives. For instances where this doesn't occur, new cars can include monitoring systems which work to assess whether a driver is becoming fatigued and alert accordingly. These systems often learn a drivers regular pattern or include a camera which monitors a driver's head and face. When activated, these systems provide loud and noticeable alerts to the driver and its passengers to indicate it detects a problem. This can be a benefit during long-haul drives.

Rear Camera

It doesn't matter how much attention drivers pay when they are reversing, there can always be quick instances where people or animals run behind them as they are checking an alternative mirror, or even in their blindspots. More and more cars are now being equipped with a rear camera connected to a small screen on the dashboard. While these aren't a substitute for the driver's attention, they can provide the driver with a wider angle of view to see not only who or what is behind them, but what could be coming from the sides.

The Benefits of a Synthetic Oil Change in West Babylon

Along with ensuring your new car includes the safety benefits you believe most valuable, there are steps you can take to ensure it continues to operate smoothly and with minimal engine wear and damage, such as a full synthetic oil change in West Babylon. As soon as you get your new car off the lot, head into Amsoil Dealer - Amsoil4liny or give us a call at (888) 826-7645 and learn about synthetic oil change benefits in West Babylon. Distributors for high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil, Amsoil Dealer - Amsoil4liny can provide you with the right product for your new car, helping you to keep its engine in its original condition for longer.

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