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There are many stories about car maintenance that come with each season. Here are some common auto care misconceptions we often hear during the summer.

Summertime Brings Some Car Myths

We've  previously explored some of the many myths surrounding synthetic oil. It seems like there are many stories surrounding cars and their maintenance in general. On this occasion, Amsoil4liny wants you to know about some specific car myths pertaining to this season. The summer heat brings a bunch of other urban legends that might or might not be true. Do antifreeze and water work the same way? Should you change your oil? Keep on reading to know the answer to these and more summertime auto myths.

If Your Engine Overheats, Blasting the Heater Will Help You

If your engine overheats your first instinct might be to blast your a/c to the max. The cool air will help, right? However, you should do the exact opposite. While you will be a sweaty mess, the heater will use the engine’s heat to warm the cabin. Therefore it will be removing some of the engine’s excessive heat. If your engine is regularly overheating, you should have the cooling system checked.

You Should Switch to Thicker Oil During the Summer

While some car manufacturers will say that you should, you shouldn’t overdo it. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended oil viscosity. Most cars usually come with a 5W-20 oil, which is thin. If you want a thicker oil, go for a 10W-30 oil, which is an accepted summer option. However, most modern cars use thinner oil because it’s better at reducing friction and improving engine performance. Recent engines use thinner oil no matter the season. Unless you own an old car, switching to thicker oil is not necessary. If you’re worried about oil viscosity, get a synthetic oil change. Synthetic oil works perfectly in the summer and the winter. AMSOIL’s Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil should work for you at any season. Call Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 to get some oil suggestions and place your order, or take some time to explore AMSOIL’s online store to get everything you need for a synthetic oil change.

Black Cars Getting Hotter Under the Sun Is Just a Story

False! This “story” is 100% true. Black cars do get hotter under the sun. You should check out this cool experiment that proves it. If you leave a white car and a black car under the sun for a few hours, the black car will be around 20°F hotter. Not only that, the white car will cool down faster than the other one.

Water and Coolant Do the Same Job

While you can use water when no coolant is available, you should replace it with antifreeze as soon as possible. The antifreeze has anti-wear and anticorrosion additives for the cooling system that water obviously doesn’t have. Get AMSOIL’s Low Toxicity Antifreeze and Engine Coolant and use a 50-50 coolant and water mix. Make sure you empty out your old antifreeze before you refill your tank. You shouldn’t mix antifreeze brands!

If You Want to Reduce Your Fuel Consumption This Summer, You Should Roll Your Windows Down

The air conditioner does contribute to your fuel consumption, but rolling the windows down isn’t always the smartest idea. It all depends on what type of road you’re driving on. If you’re just running errands around town and the weather is nice outside, keep your windows open. However, if you’ll be driving on the open road or freeway, the best way to reduce your fuel expenses is to keep the windows shut. Open windows increase aerodynamic drag and burn off more gas. You can also use a fuel additive to get even more out of your fuel and be sure to clean or replace your air filter.

Winter Is Over, Since You No Longer Need Snow Tires Any Old Tires with Less Tread Will Do

You may not have to think about snowy and icy roads anymore, but you need to think about the summer rains. Tires with low tread don’t have enough grip to navigate safely on wet roads. If your old tires are still good, then by all means put them back on. If they’re old and worn, you should replace them with new ones, unless you plan to park and wait until the heavy rains stop to continue safely with your drive.

Everything You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change This Summer in North Babylon

You’ll hear many motor oil misconceptions, especially about synthetic oil. Don’t listen to them. Synthetics provide excellent engine lubrication. If you’re in the market for synthetic oil this summer, be sure to get AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. You can purchase everything you need for a synthetic oil change in North Babylon from AMSOIL’s online store or by calling Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645.

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