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Maximize Engine Potential With a Synthetic Oil Change in West Islip

Many persons know they need to change their oil, most even know how to change it but there is more to just routine changes and engine maintenance than most are aware of. Motor oil is crucial for proper engine performance, but what exactly does motor oil do for your engine, and why does it matter what type of motor oil you put in it? Today at Amsoil4liny we want to explain why motor oil is such an essential part of your vehicle´s well-being and how you can maximize the potential of your engine with synthetic oil changes.

Why is Motor Oil Important?

Motor oil is not like the other fluids that your vehicle needs. Although you should make sure that the water, brake fluid, and transmission fluid are sufficient and in good standing, and even though all fluids are important, the engine does not rely heavily on these products to actually carry out its foundational functions. It does, however, rely greatly on motor oil to be able to run properly. An engine cannot function very long without suffering severe damage or even total destruction caused by the extreme reduction or absence of motor oil. Why is this? Well, it is all due to one dangerous factor called friction.

What Friction is and What it Does

Friction is the harsh rasping between two parts, usually as one or both parts move past one another. Within the engine, there are several parts that regularly move and in order to continue to make the engine function they must slide up against each other or at some point have regular contact with one another. This continuous movement between the engine parts leads to constant friction. Friction is dangerous because it wears out the parts and it can lead to an abrupt breakdown of the pieces if it is not reduced. Friction is one of the most dangerous factors inside the engine it has the power to make your vehicle useless by breaking down the engine.

The Solution to Friction is Synthetic Oil Lubrication

Thankfully the solution to friction is in your hands. The only way to combat friction is through effective lubrication, and only true synthetic oil offers complete protection and effective lubrication. No motor oil offers better friction protection than Amsoil full synthetic oil. Amsoil full synthetic oil is able to quickly react and immediately provide protection as soon as the engine requires it. It continues to do so even in harsh conditions and difficult weather, making sure that your engine stays protected and free of friction harm. It also allows the engine to perform better and enhances its horsepower as it speeds the movement between engine pieces, allowing them to move more efficiently without wearing out. Contact us now and learn how to keep your engine safe and performing at its best with Amsoil.

Motor Oil Functions and Synthetic Oil Additional Benefits

As you can tell the most important function of motor oil is to reduce the friction and create a sort of slick and slippery barrier between the moving pieces so they can easily and smoothly slide past one another without harsh scraping. However, that is not all it can do for your engine. Motor oil is able to travel through the engine parts providing lubrication while absorbing heat and other impurities that may harm the engine. Yet, not all types of motor oils are able to offer the same level of benefits or protection. Conventional motor oil does offer lubrication but its ability to provide full protection is limited by the conditions it faces. This means that it will not be able to truly protect the engine in cold weather conditions or extreme heat. It also means that regular motor oil is not able to prevent sludge or heat build up as effectively as synthetic oil. Synthetic oil not only prevents oil sludge from building up and leading to other engine problems, but it also removes the soot that has already built up and accumulated. Also, since friction also creates heat, synthetic oil is able to reduce it through friction prevention and by absorbing it as it coats the engine parts and slides past them, cooling them down to avoid them from over-heating.

Better Benefits From Synthetic Oil Changes in West Islip

Motor oil does a lot for your engine, but full synthetic oil does even more. Get a synthetic oil change and experience the difference for yourself. Call us today at (888) 826-7645 and start providing better protection and greater benefits for your engine with Amsoil full synthetic oil. 

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