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If owning a bike has been your long life dream and you’re finally ready to fulfill it, here are some things you need to consider before you make your purchase.

Are You Ready to Become a Motorcycle Owner?

It’s finally time for you to become a motorcycle owner. Perhaps you’ve been eying a specific model for months now, or maybe you just recently got the idea in your head. Whatever the reason may be, Amsoil4liny has compiled a list of things you should consider before going off and buying a new motorcycle.

Consider Your Level of Experience

Be honest, how much riding experience do you have? Experienced riders have a vast range of bike options to choose from, but for newbies in the motorcycle world, the possibilities are much more limited. If your biking experience is minimal, you should stick to motorcycles that have these characteristics, at least until you gain some experience.
  • Cheap: The fact is you will be falling off your bike a few times before you feel comfortable with it. It’s better to make mistakes and scratch a motorcycle that’s not super expensive.
  • Low seat: It will be easier for you to plant both feet on the ground when you stop if the seat is low. You will also feel safer and more confident while riding your bike.
  • Light weight: You’ll find it easier to steer, balance, accelerate, and brake with a lighter motorcycle than you would with a big and heavy one.
  • ABS: A motorcycle with an anti-lock-braking system (ABS) will let you stop faster and safer. Start with a model that has ABS.
  • Non-specialized: You shouldn’t start your learning period with a specialized bike. If you want to buy a dirt bike or a racing motorcycle, wait until you have riding experience and confidence.

What’s Your Motorcycle’s Purpose?

Are you going to be riding your bike around the city or do you want something to travel across the country? You need to think about your motorcycle’s primary purpose before choosing one. There are four broad bike categories, and within those groups, other types branch out.
  1. Scooters and mopeds: Want to feel like you’re driving around in Italy? Get a scooter. Scooters are ideal for everyday driving in the city. Since they can’t go too fast, they are not recommended for highway driving. If you’re a beginner in the world of motorcycles, scooters are an excellent option.
  2. Street bikes: There are many types of street bikes available. These bikes are designed for paved roads and regular streets. You can find standard motorcycles (general city riding), touring bikes (for long journeys), sports bikes (meant for speeding), and cruisers (a.k.a. choppers).
  3. Off-road bikes: These bikes are designed to be driven on rough terrain such as dirt, sand, and grass. Dirt bikes are definitely not meant for paved streets.
  4. Dual- purpose motorcycles: If you’re looking for a bike you can ride on and off-road, this is it.

Think About the Engine

Now, you should consider how powerful you want your motorcycle to be. You should choose your engine’s power according to your driving style and needs. Engines come in different sizes, with different torque and horsepower. They all have different lubrication needs. You need to remember that you can’t interchange motorcycle for automotive oil if you want your bike to be powerful. Here’s a bit of what you should know about motorcycle engines. Four-stroke engines: The power cycle in these engines is completed in four up and down movements of the pistons, or strokes, per crankshaft revolution. Four-strokes will make your motorcycle heavier as they have more parts, but they’re also easier to maintain. These engines are perfect for novice riders since you won’t need to spend so much time worrying about shifting and breaking. Two-stroke engines:  The internal combustion process is completed in two strokes per one crankshaft revolution. Two-strokes are quite light, but they require lots of maintenance. If you’re looking for speed, get one of these engines. They’re not recommended for beginners because they are hard to control and require a lot of shifting. Once you choose your engine, you need to think about its maintenance. Both engines' lubrication needs are different. Fortunately, you can find everything you need for either engine in AMSOIL’s motorcycle oil line. You can get Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports Synthetic Motor Oil for your four-stroke or their Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil for your two-stroke. Call Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645 to get some oil recommendations and get all of your supplies for a synthetic oil change in North Babylon. You can also visit their online store.


Lastly, you need to think about the type of care and maintenance your motorcycle needs and whether or not you’re willing to provide it. Racing bikes, for instance, need frequent filter and synthetic oil changes. Can you commit to doing that? A motorcycle is not a cheap toy, if you want to extend its working life you will need to take care of it.

Get Your Synthetic Oil in North Babylon

After you decide which motorcycle to buy, think about lubricating it with AMSOIL Synthetic Oil. You want the best quality products you can get to maintain your bike. Consult your owner’s manual before you purchase what you need for a synthetic oil change. If you have any questions or want to make your purchase, call Amsoil4liny at (888) 826-7645.

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