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What Is Causing Your 'Check Engine' Light to Light Up?

Maybe it happens when you’re on your way to start your day, maybe when you’re off to work, perhaps when you’re off on vacation, but if one’s thing’s for sure, it always happens at the worst possible time – the dreaded ‘check engine’ warning light switches on and won’t turn off. This is possibly the most irritating of all the dashboard warning lights as it is so vague that it could turn on in response to literally hundreds of situations. Do you ignore it and carry on driving? Do you pull over immediately, afraid that your vehicle is going to overheat?? It’s hard to know exactly what is the best thing to do in these situations. Fortunately, help is at hand. The experts at your local AMSOIL Dealer – Amsoil4liny have put together this fantastic guide to the most common reasons for seeing a ‘Check Engine’ light, and how to resolve them.

Fuel Cap

  Hands down, the most likely reason to see the ‘check engine’ sign flashing back at you when you start your engine, is the fuel cap. If this is loose, damaged or absent, it will affect the pressure of the fuel circuit, and the light will switch on automatically. Open your tank door and take a look at the fuel cap to ensure that is correctly screwed into place and in full working order. Even the smallest crack can lead to a change of pressure and cause the light to come on.

Catalytic Converter

  Another common explanation for seeing that pesky warning light, are issues with the catalytic converter. Because the catalytic converter is located on the outside of the vehicle, it is particularly prone to damage when driving on uneven surfaces or going over bumps. If there is a problem with this gadget, your vehicle may be pumping out nasty fumes and will not pass an emissions test. You will be running with poorer fuel economy, and your engine temperature might be higher, increasing the risk of damage to its components. Unfortunately, if it’s the catalytic converter that’s the issue you will need to take your car into the garage; it’s difficult to remove and replace this component if you are not an experienced mechanic. The best way to protect your engine against corrosion and heat-damage is by investing in a top-quality synthetic motor oil. Contact your local AMSOIL Dealer – Amsoil4liny today at (888) 826-7645 to find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change.

Oxygen Sensor

  Most vehicles have a number of oxygen sensors in their engines. Their function is to measure unburned oxygen from the exhaust and monitor how much fuel to pass through to the engine for combustion. This is a complex process that depends on the amount of oxygen in the air and in the engine, the temperature of the engine, as well as the atmospheric pressure. Problems with oxygen sensors reduce the amount of miles you get to the gallon and increase emissions. If you don’t replace a broken oxygen sensor, (which costs around $100), you could end up having to replace the catalytic converter which can be a bill of more than two thousand dollars for parts and labor. If you can identify which sensor is faulty, you can simply unclip it and replace it with a new one. To find out which is at fault, you can use a system in your vehicle know as ‘On Board Diagnostics II’. This is a hand-held device that you can plug into a port on your dashboard. It will bring up a code, which you can then look-up in the list in your user’s manual, to find out what specific fault has occurred to make the ‘check engine’ light come on. If you bought your vehicle new, you should have been provided with one of these nifty gadgets. If not, it might be worthwhile investing in one to save unnecessary trips to the mechanic.

Improve Your Engine Performance with a Synthetic Oil Change in West Babylon

The best way to avoid serious issues and hefty mechanics fees is by conducting regular checks and maintenance on your vehicle. Make sure to check and change air filters, monitor fluid levels and perform regular motor oil changes. Upgrading to synthetic motor oil with a synthetic oil change improves your car’s performance and longevity. Contact your local AMSOIL Dealer – Amsoil4liny today at (888) 826-7645 to find out about how you could benefit from the cutting-edge technology used to develop Amsoil’s range of superior quality motor oils.

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