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How to Prepare Your Ride for Winter

Winter is still weeks away, but still, better safe than sorry! Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us, so why not start getting ready for the chilly weather right away? If you want to ensure that your motorcycle will be prepared for when those freezing winds come blowing, continue reading. Amsoil4liny in West Islip, NY offers you this guide to winterize your bike for when the cold months arrive.

Wash and Wax Your Bike

Wash your bike to remove any dust and dirt, dry it thoroughly and then wax it to protect the paint. Coat metal parts with a product that prevents corrosion.

Change Oil and Filter and Lube Whatever Moves

Even if you won't use it in winter, have your bike loaded with new oil to be as good as new to ride in the spring. Synthetic oil like AMSOIL offers does great with cold temperatures, so consider switching to it. Also, if your bike will be stored for several months, keep the internal parts lubricated, as well as every pivot point, to avoid rust. Cold winter air can slip in and turn into moisture, which in turn can become rust if you aren't careful.

Prepare the Fuel System

Gas tanks can rust as well when not in use, and pump gas can break down and become gummy with time. Fill your tank and add fuel stabilizer to prevent this from happening.

Take Care of the Battery

Batteries can discharge if idle for too long, particularly when still attached to the bike. Use a battery tender to monitor the charge level and clean and grease the electrodes lightly.

Protect Tires

Raise the tires from the ground with a motorcycle stand to avoid getting flat spots.

Check the Coolant and Antifreeze

Check the antifreeze levels in your coolant system if your bike will be spending the winter in a place with below freezing temperatures.

Get the Best Synthetic Oil in West Islip, NY

If you want to make sure that your motorcycle, truck, or any other vehicle you may have, is ready to take on harsh conditions, as well as properly maintained and working as expected, trust in the variety of high-quality products AMSOIL has to offer. Amsoil4liny has a wide array of products of the best synthetic oil in West Islip, NY, so if you're looking for AMSOIL Oil in West Islip, NY, you're in luck! Visit the online shop or ring us at (888) 826-7645 for more information on how you can save money and time on your vehicle's maintenance with AMSOIL products.

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