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If you've ever gone shopping for a new car, there are all of these new safety features available that are put in place in order to get you from point A to point B without any incident. These safety features are all part of the advanced driver assistance system. They make your car that much safer to drive because of advanced artificial intelligence adding to the capabilities of your vehicle. Today, your AMSOIL synthetic oil change experts in North Babylon are going to break down and explain the advanced driver assistance system and what it means for you.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is when a computer program solves a problem by itself when given certain parameters. For example, if you are reheating some mashed potatoes in the microwave, using an old-fashioned microwave, you can set the microwave to cook for three or five minutes depending on your microwave's strength. If you have an artificially intelligent microwave, internal sensors inside the microwave will sense when the food is hot enough to be eaten and it will heat the food up until the point when the sensors detect that the mashed potatoes are at the perfect temperature to be eaten. Artificial intelligence in your vehicle works by detecting and examining your surroundings for danger and then reacting accordingly in order to protect your vehicle. An example of this is when your vehicle has front sensors that automatically make the vehicle slow down if you are getting too close to the back of a vehicle that is in front of you.

Parts of the Advanced Driver Assistance System

There are many different ways in which the advanced driver assistance system can support you and your vehicle. Some vehicles might have it, other vehicles may not. Make sure you read up on what driver assistance features your vehicle has in your vehicle owner's manual.

Front and Rear Short Radar

Front and rear short radar works by detecting objects in range to avoid a collision. It can also be used to assist with parking.

Advanced GPS

Built-in GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) is very useful for navigating unfamiliar areas and for finding the location of restaurants, people, and services. Maintain your engine with the top performing synthetic oil in North Babylon. You can trust Amsoil4liny in North Babylon to provide you with the best AMSOIL products. Call (888) 826-7645 today to get the professional advantage when purchasing AMSOIL synthetic oil for your next synthetic oil change in North Babylon.

Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications System

A vehicle-to-vehicle communications system allows you to communicate seamlessly and directly with other vehicles on the road. This function is useful if you want to communicate with another driver and you don't want to use your cell phone illegally to do so.


This system allows a vehicle to see at night and detect objects further away than traditional headlamps which can help a driver to avoid collisions.

Rear and Front Cameras

Used in various parking situations, rear and front cameras will prevent you from accidentally backing into another vehicle and it will also prevent you from running anybody over if your field of view is obscured.

What Does This All Mean for You?

Well, basically, it means that the next vehicle you buy, if equipped with any advanced driver assistance system, will be safer and easier to drive. For example, you are going to be much less likely to rear-end somebody if you have a sensor in the front of your vehicle that slows down your vehicle when you are getting too close to the back bumper of another vehicle. It also means that people will be better drivers and you can drive less defensively in the future when all cars have an advanced driver assistance system installed. Remember to always drive safely no matter what advanced driver assistance systems your vehicle may or may not have in place. For more great information on car technology, check out this article.

Does Your Engine Need a Full and Effective Synthetic Oil Change in North Babylon?

Whether or not you use an advanced driver assistance system, your needs a synthetic oil change in North Babylon. You can trust your local synthetic oil change expert, Amsoil4liny in North Babylon to provide you with the best AMSOIL synthetic products, which can protect, lubricate, and maintain your vehicle in top shape for longer. Call (888) 826-7645 if you'd like more information on the benefits that using AMSOIL can bring to you, your vehicle, and your wallet. Also, make sure that you check out our online store for all of the best products for your vehicle, such as AMSOIL synthetic oil in North Babylon. 

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